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Brunei Interested in T-90MS MBT

20 April 2012

T-90MS Main Battle Tank (photo and images : Army News)

Brunei became interested in Russian air defense and marine equipment

KUALA LUMPUR (Malaysia)- RIA Novosti. One of the new possible importers of Russian weapons - Brunei - expressed interest in acquiring a Russian air defense (AD) and marine equipment, Deputy Director General of "Rosoboronexport" Nicholas Dimidyuk told reporters on Thursday.

"Brunei needs protection from air and sea. It's not just coastal defense complexes "Bal", but also high-speed boats ("Molniya" and "Mirazh"), which could hit targets at great distances," - he said on the results of defence exhibition DSA-2012.

Dimidyuk said that Brunei would also be interested in air defense systems "Buk" and "Tor." He stressed that the missile is being developed for the "Tor", not only can hit targets 10 kilometers away as now, but can reach up to 20 km.

The deputy head of "Rosoboronexport" added the Minister of Defence of Brunei became interested in the possibility of purchase of Russian T-90MS. Interactive presentation which was held specifically for the Brunei delegation.

According to him, Malaysia also interested in this tank. "After the presentation of the upgraded T-90MS, commander in chief of the armed forces of Malaysia has set the task to hold it (the presentation) for its staffs. They will watch and study, they observed a very high quality of Russian heavy armored vehicles," - said the deputy director.

He stressed that the characteristics of the T-90MS far beyond the capabilities of the Polish tank "Twardy," which is a modernization of the Soviet T-72 (formerly Malaysia bought 48 of these machines).

"We talked about their modernization," - said Dimidyuk. He pointed out that if there is agreement on the part of Polish, Russian specialists are ready to upgrade the tanks to the level of T-90.

(RIA Novosti)

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